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Guest submissions

We are currently seeking an individual or a family who lives in Utah and has a food truck!  We want your story for one of our episodes!  We want to hear about the ups, downs, and craziness of trying to make a food truck business successful.  We think it would be super fun and interesting for audiences, and for you too.  And, it could be a great chance to get your story, your truck, and your food on TV!



We are thrilled that you're interested in being part of the show!  We do need to let you know that your submission is part of a auditioning and vetting process.  By submitting your information, you agree that no individual or company associated with this production is under any obligation to hire you, cast you, or otherwise involve you in the show.

BUT we truly believe that everyone has an awesome story, and we're very interested in yours!  We can't wait to see your submission video!  Don't worry, all the instructions are below.

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Phone *
We'd like to get to know you a little! Please submit a short video introducing yourself. Copy/paste below the link to your UNLISTED YOUTUBE intro video. ("Unlisted" is an option YouTube gives you when you upload. If you're really concerned about privacy, you can share a password-protected link from another service with us, and add the password below, but make sure you test your link before you send it to make sure we won't have trouble watching.) Your phone's video camera is probably just fine. But if you use a phone camera, try hold it sideways not up-and-down, so the video is horizontal, not vertical. That's better for TV. The video doesn't have to be fancy, we just want to get a feel for your background and personality. Tell us about yourself! Tell us your story! Tell us about your family, background, interests, talents, phobias, whatever! Introduce us to anyone else who might be associated with your food truck. Why did you start your food truck, and what are your dreams for it? Give us a tour of your truck. There are no real rules for your intro video, but it may end up going on TV! If it's straightforward, great! If it's emotional, super! If it's off-the-wall, awesome! If you can, please try and keep it under 5 minutes.